My Piece: Saved


I wrote this one for a poetry course I took and it didn’t turn out half bad. Hope you enjoy it!


In the night that resides inside,

I wish that from it I could hide.

My fingers grasp a single rose,

The smell of blood creeps up my nose,

From my fingers a river red,

running onto notes unread.

Sweat is forming on my brow,

while thorns inside my head grow.

Black words on paper white,

Eternal contrast; day and night.

A twisting, gripping, piercing needle,

All my mind is crying for help.

Soft skin gentle touch,

Strong delicate hands lifting me up.

Like the wings of a dove me surrounding,

You’re my lifeguard, always watching.

Lighthouse of eternal light,

Predator of my saneless night.

My stained notes your flame does burn,

My eyes to your fire always turn.

Alone again, I’ll never be,

Forever from you, I’ll never flee.


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