As of today I have officially completed the rough draft of my novel Fool’s Trust and finished NaNoWriMo! The rough draft is about 58,000+ words and I am very pleased with how it had turned out so far. I cannot wait to begin editing with my co-author soon.

Has anyone else finished or is getting close to the end of their novel? I’d love to hear about it!


6 thoughts on “Winner!

      • It’s called “Pigeon House Brawl.” It’s a fantasy about a brawling house, which is a professional fighting arena for mages. The story is about the daily life of their “Drummer Up.” That’s a guy who tries to drum up business for his brawling house.

        It sounds dry with that bland description. I had a rough day, so I’m brief. I’ll write a decent synopsis sometime this weekend.

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      • ChristianWriter02

        That’s okay. It sounds very cool! I fear I haven’t yet figured out the new site enough to look it up, but I can try a google search.


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