As of today I have officially completed the rough draft of my novel Fool’s Trust and finished NaNoWriMo! The rough draft is about 58,000+ words and I am very pleased with how it had turned out so far. I cannot wait to begin editing with my co-author soon.

Has anyone else finished or is getting close to the end of their novel? I’d love to hear about it!


So close


It’s the last nine days of NaNoWriMo and I am writing like a maniac. I’ve got 77% of my writing goal done, just 23% more to go! I can see the finish line and I cannot wait to cross it.

Writing Music


I know that I, like a lot of my writer friends, listen to music while I write. Over the years I have discovered that instrumentals tend to work best for me because the sound inspires me but I don’t get too caught up in trying to remember words. And, even though, I often get yelled at for humming loudly or turning it up too high, I find that using it to block out all other sounds improves my focus. I don’t just listen to any old instrumentals, though. I’m picky about how my music sounds and if I’m writing a book the tunes I listen to have to be epic and inspiring.

Do any of you listen to music when you write or work? If so, what kinds of music are your favorites?

Advice: Writers Block


So, the other day a few of my writer friends of mine and I were all sitting around talking about Writers Block. It can be a major problem sometimes. Especially when you’re working on a deadline. So we came up with a way to defeat writer’s block. Literally.

Our advice is that if you are struggling with writer’s block, do what all people will tell you to. Write. Or more specifically, write a short story, a paragraph, a skit, whatever you want, about defeating writer’s block. And if you’re supposed to be working with a specific cast, make them the stars and have them be the great band of heroes that vanquished your writer’s block. This may or may not work for every person, but it’s our suggestion for whoever wants to try it.

God bless!