I’m Moving


To all my friends, followers, and readers on here, I’d like to inform you that I’m going to be moving to a new website soon that is geared more towards promoting my books and stories. There will still be updates about my books and writing on there and if you’d like to stay in touch you can always find me on Facebook or Google+ or Wattpad. As soon as the website is up and running I will publish a link here so that you can view it!

God bless you all!


Here’s the link to check out the site! Sara Beeksma


Historical Writing Prompts


I’m not a huge history buff, but when I read through history books and quick overviews or discuss it with my family a lot of times I get ideas for my sci-fi books. It’s strange to see how often history repeats itself and a lot of times that can provide a good writing prompt for me. Today I was discussing the Tower of Bable with some of my family and we were noting how interesting it was that people’s language was all confused at the Tower of Babble but over the years we’ve developed an almost universal language called English. It makes me wonder if someday we’ll attempt a Tower of Babble style thing again in the future, or if someday we might all come up with one completely universal language that everyone knows. I’m thinking of either applying it to Fool’s Trust or writing a book called Universal. I’ll write what I have of a short synopsis for Universal below.


The year is 2866 and humanity has accomplished much over the past several years, but its greatest achievement has been the perfection of a universal language. This accomplishment is now enabling seven representatives, one from each continent, to do something no one has tried before. To venture into space and begin the first universal government, ruling all the planets of our solar system and making each inhabitable for life. Their goal, to rule and settle the entire universe. 

Advice: Writers Block


So, the other day a few of my writer friends of mine and I were all sitting around talking about Writers Block. It can be a major problem sometimes. Especially when you’re working on a deadline. So we came up with a way to defeat writer’s block. Literally.

Our advice is that if you are struggling with writer’s block, do what all people will tell you to. Write. Or more specifically, write a short story, a paragraph, a skit, whatever you want, about defeating writer’s block. And if you’re supposed to be working with a specific cast, make them the stars and have them be the great band of heroes that vanquished your writer’s block. This may or may not work for every person, but it’s our suggestion for whoever wants to try it.

God bless!

National Writers Month


Today officially being the National Writer’s Month! I am entering the 30 Day Writing Challenge on NanoWriMo and going to try and finish my revised rough draft of Fool’s Trust. If you want to look me up, I’m under the same username as my Wattpad account, ChristianWriter16. If you don’t know what NanoWriMo is then let me explain slightly:

NanoWriMo is a website where authors(or anyone who wants to write) can go online and take a challenge to write a book in 30 days. You can set a word goal count, set up your book with its cover, blurb, author names, genre, etc. Then, during that month(this years is Nov.) you are challenged to meet that word goal count. If you do, then they have cool prizes at the end and in past years have given codes to get free copies of your book. The book doesn’t have to be revised and edited within those 30 days, but if you finish early and want to start the next step no one’s going to stop you! I encourage anyone who wants to write, or is already writing and wants a challenge to go check it out. They have both an adult and a youth writers program and either way you go its a wonderful experience. So go look it up! God bless you all.