New Book


Very soon I intend to begin working on another one of my Fan-Fiction stories on Wattpad while I take a break from Fool’s Trust. The New book I am going to start is going to be called Star Wars: The Last Stand. It’s set during the times of the Galactic Alliance shortly after the fall of the Empire while they are still battling remnants of the Empire and focuses on several of my original characters from the Clone Wars. There is a second book that comes after it called Star Wars: The Final War, but I will not start on that one until this one had been fully completed.

Here’s the Synopsis for Star Wars: The Last Stand, if you are interested in reading it when I start writing it on Wattpad:

Commander Hotshot is gone, and Sprika knows that her death will have given Sareen a sense of victory. However, victory is not enough, and Sprika also knows that Sareen will soon be coming to find the Cythos Holocron. No matter what the former Jedi does, though, she must make sure Sareen never finds the secrets hidden in the Holocron to ensure her former padawans safety and that of the Galaxy. Therefore, Sprika must push her own grief aside and steel herself for a renewed war, just as the Commander would have done, even if it might be her last.


Historical Writing Prompts


I’m not a huge history buff, but when I read through history books and quick overviews or discuss it with my family a lot of times I get ideas for my sci-fi books. It’s strange to see how often history repeats itself and a lot of times that can provide a good writing prompt for me. Today I was discussing the Tower of Bable with some of my family and we were noting how interesting it was that people’s language was all confused at the Tower of Babble but over the years we’ve developed an almost universal language called English. It makes me wonder if someday we’ll attempt a Tower of Babble style thing again in the future, or if someday we might all come up with one completely universal language that everyone knows. I’m thinking of either applying it to Fool’s Trust or writing a book called Universal. I’ll write what I have of a short synopsis for Universal below.


The year is 2866 and humanity has accomplished much over the past several years, but its greatest achievement has been the perfection of a universal language. This accomplishment is now enabling seven representatives, one from each continent, to do something no one has tried before. To venture into space and begin the first universal government, ruling all the planets of our solar system and making each inhabitable for life. Their goal, to rule and settle the entire universe. 



As of today I have officially completed the rough draft of my novel Fool’s Trust and finished NaNoWriMo! The rough draft is about 58,000+ words and I am very pleased with how it had turned out so far. I cannot wait to begin editing with my co-author soon.

Has anyone else finished or is getting close to the end of their novel? I’d love to hear about it!